Apex – Two wooden sections meet at the highest point which creates an upturned ‘V’ shape.

Eaves – The lowest edge part of a roof.

Pent – Ideal for buildings that are situated against a fence or wall, this consists of a sloping roof from the tallest part of the shed/summerhouse to the smallest part

External Cladding – On garden rooms the external cladding is commonly made from wood, the wood used is shaped into different profiles such as tongue & groove, shiplap or loglap, 


Pressure Treated – preservative forced deep into the wood and the grain structure under vacuum pressure. In effect, the preservative becomes an integral part of the timber giving it a long life and effective protection against any rot.

Shiplap – Shiplap is a type of external cladding; it has a scooped top which slots into a groove at the bottom of the piece of wood above. This is a flat type of timber and is commonly used on our sheds and workshops.

Tongue & Groove – The interlocking of the thicker boards leaves no gaps and means that the shed/summerhouse is better protected from draughts and rain.

Toughened Glass – The glass is manufactured so that it will shatter as opposed to splinter therefore reducing potential injury.

Overhang – The dimension of which the roof overhangs the structure of the building, this can be in any direction and should be especially noted when space is limited.

Loglap – This is another type of timber that is used on our buildings, it has a curved type of profile giving the same effect as a log. This is commonly used on our summerhouse type of buildings.